Dustland Runner Wiki

Behold, a Project GRUNT Disk! These are from a time before The Flare and contain rare crafting blueprints. Hard to find, but worth the hunt.

Relics from a time before The Flare; Old world gold in some places. Floppy Disks (Floppies) used to be a method of information storage using a rotating magnetic disk that could contain rare blueprints amongst other things. Floppies are rare as hell and twice as dangerous sometimes.

Dustland’s third NFT collection on the Polygon chain is dedicated to The Floppy Disk and the launch of The Dustland Crafting Station. Start collecting and get crafting.

The Floppy Disk comes in multiple rarity levels and can be seen at https://opensea.io/collection/dustland-floppy-disks

These Floppy Disks can be found by running Season 1, Missions 6-15 and Operation Ape Missions. Epic and Legendary Floppy Discs can only be found in Operation Ape Missions.

Floppy Disks are a very rare find. You have a chance to find them in the above listed missions.

You have a chance to find one for every 1 energy spent.

Common Floppy Disk[]


A project GRUNT Disk! Solid boots, tough enough to handle The Dustland’s treacherous terrain and get you where you're going, fast.


Uncommon Floppy Disk[]


A project GRUNT Disk and by the looks of it, it’s one of the Uncommon blueprints! Tougher, more adaptable and more stylish than your common footwear.


Rare Floppy Disk[]


A Rare Project GRUNT Disk! Not many people have seen shoes like these, and even fewer have worn them. The kind of footwear you see on Dustcap Alphas and Pirate Captains.


Epic Floppy Disk[]

Epic Floppy Disk

An Epic Project GRUNT Disk! This is something special, blueprints for boots long thought lost. Made from reactive nano weave materials, these boots adapt to your environment and boost your performance.


Legendary Floppy Disk[]


A Legendary Project GRUNT Disk! The disk glows menacingly in low light, holding it to your ear you can hear a strange chanting and if you look at the blueprints inside for too long your nose will start to bleed…but the boots they’ll create are like nothing else on this earth.


MOCA Disk[]

A MOCA Disk! You have no idea what's on this floppy but you just...feel good about it. Maybe it's the friendly colours, maybe it's the eyes. It just makes you smile. Let's see what's on it!